Rest and Repeat is:
-Family Friendly
-Budget Friendly
-Engineered for Exercise
-Bass and Beat Driven Music


REST AND REPEAT'S MUSIC is designed from the ground up with exercise in mind. There are many gyms with various pros and cons, geared toward different types of exercise. Many have fliers on diet or supplements to enhance the effectiveness of your work out. Different types of machines include treadmills, stationary bikes, free weights, guided vertical benches, and so on, each designed to work a specific group of muscles or perform specific types of exercises. Some gyms even provide personal trainers or assistance, usually with an added cost. All these things are tools to help you be successful in your quest for better physical health.
There is, however, one very important thing missing- Who provides the motivation? That's where we come in. Music is a necessary tool- a Utility- that drives you, focuses you, that pulls you to the next level. We'd be willing to bet your performance often hinges on it, whether you realize it or not. Ever look up at the clock, wondering how long you've been fiddling with your mp3 player? Well, you've finally found what you've been looking for....

Rest and Repeat‘s own electronic and mechanical sound was built in the gym, focused on bringing the motions and anticipations of weight lifting and heavy impact exercise into the spectrum of electronic music. Every song is like an action scene waiting to happen! Go ahead… we dare you to take it to the gym!